Which social platform is best for your business?

Will your business benefit using social media? Almost certainly.  But you will need the right mix of media to reach your key audiences and deliver real business value.

James Scherer from wishpond.com has a very interesting article which offers a good overview of some of the main social media platforms, and the types of business they might suit. In this article, he gives a comprehensive overview of the 6 major social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest) with tips on how to best use them

Below are his recommendation as to which platform suits which business:

  • Facebook – All businesses should be on Facebook. Facebook is the only social media platform that you need to be on no matter what field your business is in.
  • Twitter –  Recommended to all SaaS ( Software as a service) companies, marketing companies, sports-related businesses, and all news organizations.
  • Instagram – Image-friendly businesses like restaurants, clothes and fashion, food, architecture, technology, designers, etc.
  • LinkedIn – All professionals should be on LinkedIn, as individuals. He also recommends all professional businesses to be on LinkedIn, though the effort you need to maintain your presence there is significantly less than other platforms. Check in periodically to ensure your profile is stable – but focus your valuable time and energy on the more revenue-generating or awareness-increasing platforms.
  • Google+ – Technology and engineering companies as well as marketing individuals.
  • Pinterest – Fashion, photographers, jewellers, home-hardware stores (DIY). The female-dominated, image-dominated facts of Pinterest make it easy for those brands which naturally lend-themselves in that direction, and very difficult for those brands which don’t.