Blackstairs Web Design uses WooCommerce for creating streamlined and easy to use online shop for our clients. I have set out six reasons as to why it is the best software to use when you are creating an online shop.

  1. Enables extensive features for additional functionality.
  2. Designed for both small and large shops, there are no limits to the number of products that you can sell from physical products to your time.
  3. It is a  WordPress plugin, with all the strengths that WordPress brings, namely being secure, easy to use and and fast. If you are familiar with WordPress then it will be very familiar to you along with great support.
  4. The software has inbuilt analytical tools for you to get vital information on your customers and how they interact with your store. You can also integrate it with other analytical tools like Google Analytics so that you can make your shop work for you.
  5. It can expand with your business as it grows. The software has the ability to manage small number of products to a shop of a thousand products and more, whilst dealing with the growth of customers using the website.
  6. Finally, WooCommerce has been designed for selling, with integration built in with over 100 payment gateways, multiple shipping options, stock management and great support for the developers.

In summary, WooCommerce is a great option if you are considering creating an online shop for your products and services. It is fast, easy to use and can adapt as your business grows with great support.

If you are thinking of creating an online shop or updating your website, check out the fantastic Trading Online Voucher that is available from your Local Enterprise Office.